my wild, dark-eyed misirlou ... my life changes with one kiss

My shoulder and neck, left side, have been hurting me for like a week now. I think I'm getting significantly darker rings under my eyes, just from the conflict of believing that sleeping flat on my back is going to be the best thing for it with my inability to not roll to my side at some point during the night. And the way that every time I do change position, I'm waking myself up to make sure I don't hurt myself.

Music of the Moment
The surfer anthem Misirlou (massively popularized in "Pulp Fiction") made a return in that "Rayman Raving Rabbids" game for the Wii. I had no idea it was originally a much slower song about cross-cultural romance! this Dinosaurgardens page has links to some of the older, more folksongy version, as well as the most detail analysis of its history.

This is a video featuring Dick Dale who made the Pulp Fiction version, though this video lacks some things like the shouts that make that soundtrack so great...

Still, I love the lockstep swaying of the musicians. And the gal doing the Twist in front pf the group is surprisingly alluring.

Quote of the Moment
It's odd to realize how big things can be and still fit in your nose.
Mr. Ibis
He's speaking of the breathing splints he was using following successful nasal passage surgery. Luckily, it appears it wasn't actually his brain poking out into his sinus cavity, decades after a dramatic nose break.
Yay for breathing! And modern medicine in general!