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Ever stop to consider that "Hall of Fame" is kind of an odd name for that kind of honor? Not "Hall of Greatness" or "Hall of Devastatingly Awesome Football Ability, Strength, Smarts and/or Courage", just "Fame". I mean, the people there are there because of their abilities, not because of their fame, and they'd generally be famous even without the Hall.

Video of the Moment

--So winter has finally let its presence be known here in New England, albeit with bitter cold rather than large amounts of snow. But over there in Portland, OR, they've had a pile of ice to (fail to) deal with...

It's funny how plastic-y lightly crashing cars sound these days.

Anecdote of the Moment
[British tragic actress] Sarah Siddon's high dramatic style tended to spill over into her everyday life. (As Sydney Smith observed of her at the dinner table, "It was never without awe that one saw her stab the potatoes.") In Bath to play some of her favorite tragic roles, she visited a draper's shop to buy some fabric. Picking up a piece of muslin, she looked with great intensity at the shopman and said with the utmost solemnity and dramatic effect, "Did you say, sir, that this would wash?" The draper suspected that he had a lunatic in his shop. Mrs. Siddons recollected herself at the sight of his surprise, apologized, and repeated the question in a more normal voice.
...I just wanted to say that that sounds like a fun way to be, if you can get away with it. A little obnoxious, but fun.