declutter without mercy or regret

Back in Boston.

No doubt about it, I've lost some of my decluttering drive. I noticed that the other day when I finally got to take some stuff to the goodwill truck, and (what's the opposite of retroactively?) impressed myself with my previous discipline.

My new mantra: DECLUTTER WITHOUT MERCY OR REGRET. (Which I suspect is a play on Battle Without Honor Or Humanity.) I will always have enough stuff to be interested in. Thus uninteresting stuff is taking up too much space and unwarranted attention.

News of the Moment
young astronauts in love,
the sequel
My mom hadn't heard the "Adult Diapers" detail of the Lisa Nowak story. At first I was wondering what the time pressure was; I mean it would take some time to purchase and set up the diapers, and it doesn't take that long to go to the bathroom. But then, with the BB gun, pepper spray, buck knife, mallet, black gloves, rubber tubing, and garbage bags, I guess we've kind of ruled out the spontaneous, heat-of-the-moment type defense anyway.

Admittedly, the wikipedia note that "U.S. shuttle astronauts wear specially designed diapers during launch and re-entry" which made the whole thing make a little more sense, I guess.

At least now we have a new setup for that old chestnut...
"So what do you get your deranged stalker astronaut girlfriend for her birthday?"