So at my mom's I stayed in her guestroom, aka "Aunt Susan's Room". It has it's own bathroom. That's definitely a nice small little luxury, your own bathroom right off of where you're sleeping, you never have to walk anywhere cold or worried about excess domestic nakedness.

Exchange of the Moment
Mom: So, what kind of animals do you think we will see at the zoo?
Small boy: I think elephants and snakes... Mom? Are there also pretend things there, like dinosaurs and God?
Mom: I think we need to have a talk when we get home.

Article of the Moment
One is Shi'a on Shi'a, principally in the south; the second is sectarian conflict, principally in Baghdad, but not solely; third is the insurgency; and fourth is al Qaida, and al Qaida is attacking, at times, all of those targets.
Wait, didn't he get the memo that it's all just a slice of THE war, the war against terror?