who's treated you the best in love?

For a long while, the Blender of Love had an ongoing freeform survey question feature. But for about four months now it hasn't been updated (I'm kind of worried about the guy who was coming up with the questions.) The last one that it's been stuck on is a great one, though:
Who's treated you the best in love, and what did they do?
Assuming you limit the scope to romantic love, and also aren't in the relationship you believe could be the "love of your life", it's a tough question! I really don't know what my answer would be. (Despite its time up there it's one of the few I hadn't answered.)

It raises many further questions... would my answer be based on one extravagant, lovely gesture, or a pattern of grace? Can it be retroactively undone when the romance went bad? Does it have to be something that was reciprocated?

Video of the Moment

(was https://www.youtube.com/v/uVhE7DVUFvA )

--Erin sent me the Japanese trailer for the movie "Transformers". She was most amused by Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay speaking Japanese, but I thought the whole "direct appeal from the author" pitch was the oddest... ""a grand scale experience with ground breaking visual effects that will take your breath away". I wonder if that approach is more common in Japan, or if it's just odd.

(UPDATE: video went away, so I replaced it with this more recent one with Marky Mark, but a similar idea of "artist to audience" conversation.)

a Transformer's tribute to Michael Bay. It's a parody of the song from the first Transformers movie (back when it was still a cartoon.) I think the best part is, thanks to the song's cameo in Boogie Nights, you never have to worry about how bad you sing it.

Link of the Moment
Thought provoking Slate piece on Utiliarianism and Neuroscience, where science and morality collide on the synapse-y level.