mission accomplished: year five

Ah, four years of peace and traquility in Iraq. Feels great.

Previously I was able to use Pythagorean theorem to put my walk, Arlington Center to Alewife via the Minuteman Bikeway, at about 1.4 miles (by coincidence, the Google driving directions made the two sides of a right triangle, each about a mile) and, lo and behold, that's what this tool tells me as well.

Design of the Moment
--Boingboing liked the fruit dispensers from a breakfast-ware design contest but I thought these these milkdrop bowls are fantastic.

Tool of the Moment
Wow, here's the feature I thought was missing from Google Maps! The Gmap Pedometer makes it very easy to compute a walking or jogging distance. (It took me a second to realize that once you hit "Record", you then have to double click to mark a waypoint.)

Exchange of the Moment
"You know what would be awesome?"
"If rabbits laid chocolate Easter eggs."
"Yeah, but then their entire species would, like, fail."
"Yes, but they would fail deliciously."