does whatever an emo can

Evil B and I caught Spiderman 3 at the Boston Common Cinema last night. he parked at the Boston Common Parking Garage... that thing is crazy! There's an entrance in the middle of the park, and it looks just like some kind of tourist pavilion, but it has stairs and an elevator down. Very James-Bond-Super-Villain-esque, this innocuous looking structure in the park, with the massive steel and concrete infrastructure beneath...

Movie Quote of the Moment
"You want forgiveness? Get religion."
"Emo" Peter Parker, shown here, in Spiderman 3.
It's even more blatantly obvious in the film, that has a bit of fun with the new hairstyle = a darker broodier you bit. The film wasn't too bad but man... when did summer blockbusters start getting so long?

Politics of the Moment
The War Nerd answers Sen. Lindsay Graham's rhetorical, would-be-points-scoring question "If the war in Iraq is lost, then who won?" Answer: Iran. It's like we wrote the finishing chapter of the Iran-Iraq war 15 years later.

Video Gaming of the Moment
I've mentioned dessgeega, hardcore gamer gal, before, and just want to say that I like her new blog. Very content rich, with each entry talking about some interesting game, most of which I haven't heard of before.