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May 28, 2007
Up in Rockport this Memorial Day, so not much of an update...

Video of a Few Moments Ago

--This film, telling about Fair Use through tiny fragments of Disney works was making the rounds a week or two ago.

Similarrly, Spider Robinson's Melancholy Elephants was kind of re-released a little while back, arguing strongly against perpetual copyrights. The core argument there is that the space of potential meaningful POSSIBLE createive work isn't as infinite as we might assume.

In theory, if not in practice (probably due to the relative obscurity of most computer code) Programmers run into exactly that issue in terms of software patents. Coders and Architects, roughtly speaking, are paid to come up with new approaches (or meaningful repurposings of old ones), so the whole idea of "non-obvious to a practioneer in the field" becomes kind of thorny.