make way for gooslings

This morning by the path to Alewife:

(Or watch a boring Youtube video I shot)

Quote of a Previous Moment
Personally, I always claim Cecil Earl is a little screwy, or if he is not screwy that he will do very well as a pinch-hitter until a screwy guy comes up to bat.
"Broadway Complex", Damon Runyon.
Its been on my quote file for... yeesh, almost 15 years now, but I still love its construction. I read the book of short stories during the Guys and DOlls revival in the early 90s... Nathan Lane as Nathan Detroit was great.

Link of the Moment
Programmers who have had to go on spelunking expeditions in other peoples code might like WorseThanFailure, "Curious Perversions in Information Technology", kind of a more hardcore ThisIsBroken.