we may well be the atlantis of some future time

June 21, 2007
Boy HOWDY does it feel like summer!

Or maybe just an early Friday.

Either way... MAN do I want to be out and about.

Bummer of the Moment
Evil B mentioned an article that had been making the rounds lately about the sad unlikelihood of the human colonization of space. A bummer for sci-fi fans and people worried about the sustainability of life on this little bluegreen rock of ours.

It gave me this thought, roughly paraphrased from last night: (and then today, when I mentioned the idea to some coworkers)
I mean, civilization may collapse, but I think humans will survive. We may be a bunch of nomad caveman [sic] trying to eek out a living in the ruins, but still... and just think, those folks will look back at us as some kind of Atlantis! They'll be like "and these metal boxes used to have wheels! And go fast! Much faster than a person or even a deer can run!"-- not to mention how we had flying machines and boxes that can make any kind of music you want at any time... but right now we're living the golden age! Yay us!
He laughed, but, well, yeah, yay us. And try not to screw up the planet quite so badly...

Innovation of the Moment
--Sam Adams' new beer glass design. Another future relic of this golden age!