robot street fight

June 23, 2007
Remember how there used to be all those "Robot Wars" type shows, for the first few years of this decade? (I guess "BattleBots" on Comedy Central (which never made a ton of sense) was the one I saw most often.)

For the most part they were never robots, just armed and armored remote control cars. Big ones. But then the genre semed to kind of just drift away.

Is it just my perception because I watch less TV? Maybe they became redundant once we started up in Iraq...

Article of the Moment
So-so New Yorker article on technology. Its core point seems to be older technologies hang around and are more useful than we give them credit for, and that everything is more evolutionary than revolutionary, but at cites a lot of interesting sounding works.

Optical Illusion of the Moment
--Vaguely neat on its own, but also an illusion... its visually ambiguous if she's clockwise or counter-, and your mind can switch that (focus on the reflection, and picture it representing swinging the other way.) Via