aargh my eyes!

July 16, 2007
One thing I noticed in Chicago... I love helping couples and larger groups all get in the photo by volunteering to take the picture using their camera. But it can be a little awkward to offer, because you're a stranger and they don't know if you're a camera-stealing nutter or what. Still, when I'm on the other side of that equation, I think the small risk of camera theft is worth not having the "gee, there are no shots of us together" after the trip.

Video Game Anecdote of the Moment
Ok yeah, I see what you're saying. In fact one of the best experiences I ever had with a Metroid game was when I used to take drugs, and I was playing Metroid Prime thinking it was the most beautiful game I'd ever played; I was tumbling through glittering ice cavern after glittering ice cavern, not knowing where I was going, not even caring that I'd probably never find my way back to where I was originally going. So much of the game seemed to be open to me to explore and yet it would take so long to make sense of it. Just as I thought I'd got out of one chasm I'd fall down another one, getting ever deeper into the labyrinth.

Then I realised I was just climbing our of and falling into the same hole over and over again. Don't do drugs, kids.
--Harveyjames on this Gamers Quarter discussion about video game Top 100 lists.

Optical Illusion of the Moment

--"Out of Focus" by Akiyoshi, via this Boingboing zen pieace. I have never seen my monitor look so deep! Try moving your head back and forth.