furniture doesn't bleed so much

July 19, 2007
So I gave blood last night, yay me.

When you're lying there the cot waiting for them to finish setting up, they give you a little sheet with a number to call in case you need to tell them not to use your blood donation, like if you're coming down with a cold or some other health thing comes up.

The thing is, they always tend to put this sheet of paper on you. I guess they just don't want people, in their potentially slightly woozy state, to forget about it, but it does tend to make one feel a bit like a piece of furniture... "don't mind me, I was just going to be lying here for ten or fifteen minutes anyway."

Creepy Robot of the Moment
--this creeps Mr. Ibis the hell out. It really does look like the bottom half of two humans, and the cadaver-suggesting buzzing fly noise doesn't help...

Livejournal of the Moment
Candi pointed out the useless facts livejournal community. I'm digging it. (Oh, and happy late birthday Candi!)