zen and the art of closet maintenance

August 19, 2007
So a while back I was reading up on Zen, and while I haven't started a meditation practice or anything, I've taken some of the outlook to heart.

There's this one site, zen habits, an offshoot of the "Getting Things Done" movement. The last few entries have been a bit more about some Zen ideals (the vegetarianism, the sparse kitchen) but sometimes the site's reliance on lists like "23 Ways to Save on Groceries" and "The 20 Biggest Online Time Wasters, and 6 Strategies for Beating Them" seems to indicate a strikingly un-Zen approach.

Not that they're not good and useful ideas. Today I took the first step of this one closet trick: reverse all your hangers in the closet, but making sure subsequently washed clothing gets put on the "right" way. After a suitable interval (for both a warmer and colder season, I'd say) you can see what clothing was worn, and what wasn't, and make the appropriate decision.

Graffiti of the Moment
--Two of my favorites from this collection of wall griffiti: an elevator Asteroids ship (cue "why didn't *I* think of that?") and a puzzled "What's This For?" by an odd twist of Pipe. (via Catherine)