workers of the world, untie!

August 23, 2007
Man. Walking the bikepath is such a drag now that I've gotten use to biking. It feels so slow and inefficient. Bikes zoom right past, and here I am using my legs like a sucker. On the other hand I am typing this on the way, so there's at least some fun to be had.

Bikepath trivia: the intersections of the bikepath and the regular road are marked by pairs of roadcone-like green plastic cylinders. These are spring loaded, popping back up after being pushed down... not for the the benefit of an errant rollerblader needing to come to a sudden stop before getting socked by a passing car, as I had first guessed, but so landscaping type vehicles can roll right over them.

It was a bit scary passing those slow moving vehicles on my bike, as both the riding mower and the pickup truck take up a majoprity of the bikepath.

Pamphlet of the Moment

--Boingboing linked to this instructional pamphlet (Warning, mildly NSFW links) on how to overthrow your office and create a new society of hippy harmony, to be stuffed into business reply envelopes. The artist's site also includes similar works such as "A Day at the Mall" and "Welcome to Geneva!".

Literary Bit of the Moment
But then, the sky! Blue, untained by a single cloud (the Ancients had such barbarous tastes given that their poets could have been inspired by such stupid, sloppy, silly-lingering clumps of vapor.)
Interestingly, the book is shaping up to have similar themes as the last set of links.