DOOF DOOF pshhh DOOFdaDOOF pshhhhhhh

August 29, 2007
In my heart of hearts, I have an bizarre little fantasy that some day my "human beatbox" skills will prove useful or even vital, like if accosted by some kind of urban gang I could use it to demonstrate my street cred and legitimate affection for and exposure to black culture.

Mostly, though, I just like making the noise. I suspect, though, that getting it to sound as good over a mike as it does when reverberating in one's own head is a trick. Maybe some week I should give it a shot.

Quote of the Moment
"Everyone is a virtuoso on his own instrument but together they add up to an intolerable cacophony."
--Thomas Bernard. Via my last read, "Not Even Wrong", a study on coping with the autism of a 3 yr old.

Idea of the Moment
I think I need to contact my congressman, or some congressman, and get nominated for the Nobel Prize in... I dunno, I think of something. Maybe peace. Also, I need to catch up on Raymond Chen's Old New Thing blog.