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A bit sore today... I was finally feeling the gravel work yesterday so that, combined with a day of shed-paint-scraping (all the sense of drama of peeling a grape with the sensual pleasure of nails on a chalkboard!) and then some more jumping off the sea wall with some errant, stinging plunges, plus a bit of redneck sunburn... well, I've seen better days.

I learned something from Saturday's beach trip, which involved less jumping and more diving: A few hours after I was back in my car, leaning over and reaching under the seat for the GPS, when a small stream of sea water came out of my nose. What the? I had no idea that my head had such vase-like properties. I should hunt for a good 3D-map of the sinuses, figure out just what that's about.

Brilliance of the Moment

--Star Trek's "The Trouble With Tribbles" as an Edward Gorey adaption. So frighteningly clever, and pitch-perfect in execution.