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Ironically, the free paper called "Boston NOW" is the one with lead times such that they can't actually tell me what happened with the Patriots (yay) or the Sox (boo) last night.

I did help Jonathan buy and setup a video projector to replace his small television. And MAN, is his setup simple and sweet. He's got a small apartment in Back Bay but a large white flat wall, and the resulting HD picture is larger than many art cinemas I've been to, I think significantly bigger than that dinkyplex they used to have at Copley.

I also went to by myself a replacement alarm clock/clockradio. I had a promising iPod speakers/tuner combo unit, but really its tasteful LCD face is too hard to read with bleary eyes at night. So I got a fairly cheap but feature-laden thing: it has nice big red digits (sorry to see that designer's love of way-too-bright and night-sight-destroying blue light has spread to clocks), automatically sets itself with that radio signal, it even has a projector to put the time on the ceiling or opposite wall. But the radio ain't a digital tuner!!! What is up with these people? Do they really enjoy twisting a knob and hoping they get it just right? Do they still use car radios from 1986? I thought that they had this problem figured out five years ago. (And DANG IT -- It matters)

Funny of the Moment
We wish that the [Watergate] break-in had happened at the John Hancock Hotel, JUST SO all future political scandals would have been named differently, i.e. Travelcock, Whitewatercock, etc.
The book also provided useful comedy gems such as
"The first rule of Polite Club -- don't talk about Polite Club. Please."
and a list of available clown names such as "Bricksy" and "Floppo the Dicknificent". Not to mention striking comedy factoids such as "Tommy Chong made a career out of telling 'weed jokes' and was arrested for selling bongs."