heheh. pants.

Sigh. Friends are going through some rough times but I will attempt to carry the day with a series of trivial little amusements and diversions.

One of life's little lesson: you know, there's only a certain range of area on pants where you can put a pocket and make it easily accessible while the wearer is walking. This is the kind of lesson you learn when you have a pair of otherwise fine cargo pants with ripped top pockets, and so you put your wallet in a pocket lower down, and thus have to do a graceless little crouch walk when you remember you need your wallet to get through the gate of the MBTA.

(And by "you" I mean "me".)

Plus, putting objects in a low pocket leads to odd swinging. Put a heavy object (such as a camera) in there and get walking and you can bang a knee something fierce.

(And again, feel free to substitute "me" for "you" in that scenario.)

News Item of the Moment
SNELLVILLE, Ga. -- Police questioned an armless man Monday about the death of his neighbor.

Relatives of Charles Keith Teer, 47, claim he died after the armless man head-butted and kicked Teer during a fight. [...] Teer's relatives told police the men were arguing over a woman.

Teer's sister said the armless man attacked her brother.

"They got into a big confrontation, a verbal confrontation and a fist fight and he came after my brother, he came will full force, and head butted him as hard as he could," said Lynn Elliot.

She said Teer collapsed and died a short time after the fight.

It's clear that even severely handicapped people are not as helpless as the popular imagination may assume. Of course, there's a humorous element to this tragedy... I mean, there's a town called "Snellville"?

Link of the Moment
It's been a long while since I've kept up with the Onion (though lately I've been keeping up with What Do You Think? thanks to the Slate sidebar appearance) but 14 American Apparel Models Freed In Daring Midnight Raid seemed really funny. I guess because those "American Apparel" ads, keeping that whole Calvin Klein grunge sex vibe (but losing most of the underage factor) kind of sneak up on you, and "American Apparel" is a brilliantly bland name.

The Onion might have jumped the shark with their massively uplifting (in the sense of "screw them, we're keeping on") response to 9/11. That was a cultural milestone, but for whatever reason they seem to have lost their place at the center of 'net culture since then.

I feel kind of bad for losing track of the AV Club.