if you want a sense of perspective, you can't afford it

Might be in Rockport, so I'll prepublish this.

Been thinking about trying a few more online dating sites. For websites in general, I tend to be so droll in my user name selection, sticking with "kisrael" or "kirkjerk", neither of which are very descriptive (or to the extent they are descriptive are a little misleading) For dating sites, am I missing the chance to do a little advertising? I was thinking I want something that says funny and/or literate. "booksmart"? "funnypages"? "bookcrush"? Or throws in the bike, which is only mildly misleading on that whole "I'm athletic" shtick... "bikeandread". Bleh, too many vowels. (Of course, when brainstorming, it's always fun to think of the blatantly inappropriate... "bigstuff4u" etc.)

Plus, it seems like there's a habit of appending your year of birth to the end, ala booksmart74. That seems to kind of descend from the AOL days of yore.

I'm a little disenchanted with the whole online dating culture's tendency to express disinterest, or even loss of interest, by simply not communicating. It lacks the milkshake of human kindness.

Also, hmm. It seems that the proportion of people who express a fascination and love of the great outdoors is greater than what I run into in other parts of life. Sometimes I wonder if it's sincere and accurate and I just haven't been paying attention, a bit of optimism about what they'd like to be, or just a bit of what they think other people want them to be.

Ecard of the Moment

--Someeecards.com, "when you care enough to click send". Some funny and cynical use of good ol' clip art.