tuesday loseday

October 2, 2007
Man. Today is so not Friday.

But, I get my new glasses today. It kind of weirds me out how the other pair just vanished, but still. Stylin'.

Conversation of a While Back
kirk i guess i should be up
kirk got the disc that should let us play dr. mario et al on wii
evil b nifty.
evil b more fun than a cow on laxatives.
kirk err
evil b yes, its a great metaphor, don't you think
kirk that's the kind of thinking that gave us conker's bad fur day!
evil b my god, I must a billion selling game some where inside of me
kirk you fail at verb
--2007.07.02. "Conker's Bad Fur Day" is a fun but sophomoric game with a rather prolonged cow-and-prune-juice scene.

Advice of the Moment
So that's why you wrote this: I've read stories where the most precise language and evocative imagery is saved for the all-important pudenda-shaving scene as the heroine gets ready to go to the library. I'm not knocking your kink, I'm just wondering why so much word-weight is put into a personal hygiene choice in a story about tracking down Shoggoths.