rabbit rabbit rabbit

It's really tough to dress for an autumnal commute that's split between riding a bike (cold and windy) and a T-ride (warm and toasty).

I bought some serious bike gloves, with rubber grips and odd padding, like my hand was wearing falsies. So now that I'm bundling up with those gloves and my Nokia winter hat, I guess it's time to give up the sandals. Plus, my toes were frickin' freezing.

List of the Moment
Slate's running a bunch of excerpts from Military Blogs, people stationed in Iraq, and I found the list of "good-to-have equipment" captivating, its mix of humdrum civilian goods (MP3 players, 12V car chargers) and military specialty needs (Drop Leg Holster, non-sand-attacting weapons lube).

Quote of the Moment
The one serious conviction that a man should have is that nothing is to be taken too seriously.
Nicholas Butler
Sometimes I feel that's my modus operandi, but then I think the problem is that I take EVERYTHING too seriously, or rather, I just proceed from one narrow, momentarily all-encompassing-pursuit to another, and so the side effect is that when everything is taken so seriously, nothing is.

Literary Mystery of the Moment
Ugh, I'm turning into such a Slate groupie. Anyway, here's Slate's Joshua Glen tackling a literary mystery I hadn't heard of, the "little nameless object" manufactured in Woollett, Mass, in Henry James' The Ambassadors. He makes a good case, and covers the history of the mystery very well.