other kids suck

November 8, 2007
The other day Slashdot had an article Robot Becomes One of the Kids, how a bunch of toddlers were willing to accept a robot as one of their own inside of a playgroup. This comment of mine got up to +5, Funny:
I was an only child in a neighborhood without many kids.
I really liked "Alphie", this game playing robot (circa 1979).
Had him for years, then let some other kids play with him and he broke.

Lesson learned: other kids suck.
True story, that. Alphie was pretty cool, and he'd beep his lights and you could play little board games he came with.

Art Sequel of the Moment
At NickB's request, I made a new version of conwayice. It might have even stricter hardware requirements than the first version. It has a bigger screen, mouse now zooms in rather than regenerates, and you can set various parameters including the original grid layout, allowing experiments with classic Life layouts. I also made it so you can save your starting arrangements, though I'm not sure how much use it will get.

Article of the Moment
The 50 Greatest Game Design Innovations, making the rounds. Includes guesses to first appearances, as well as most famous examples.