zoo be dippidy bop be dop doo DEEE dop*

December 21, 2007
I feel a little more Christmas-y than usual this year, at least judging by propensity to whistle or scat Christmas-y songs as I walk along. Especially "Let It Snow", though lately there's a quiet ironic undertone that might just be detectable by the careful listener.

* "zoo be dippidy bop be dop doo DEEE dop" = "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" in scat speak. That's the nice thing about scat singing, it sounds jazzy and it's ok if you don't remember the words.

Funny of the Moment
"Here baby! Nothing but the best for you!"
"It's a gift certificate."
"For the best!"
"For twenty dollars."
--Basic Instructions, How to Give Someone a Gift.