2007 goin' to heaven

December 31, 2007
So, 2007 winds to end.

I think years with "7" are underachievers. Maybe all years that end in an odd number are at risk, but "1" "5" and "9" kind of stake their place by proximity to the end, midpoint, or center of the decade, leave 3 and 7 as the stragglers. For some reason 2008 seems like it should resonate a bit better.


Patriots finished out an unbeaten regular season in grand, edge-of-your-seat fashion. Evil B used the game as an excuse to get an HD receiver unit for his TV to pickup the broadcast signal. It worked better than I expected it would! It seems odd to be drawing high resolution signal from good old fashioned rabbit-ear antennas.

Leaving aside those slacker Bruins, the 3 Boston sports teams have lost 3 games since the Sox regained their footing against the Indians... all 3 were basketball losses, two by 2 points, one 5-point loss in overtime.

This year we've been about the most blessed sports city on Earth!

SciFi of the Moment
Tersurus is the planet on which Chancellor Goth met the dying Master prior to The Deadly Assassin. It was also the setting of the Comic Relief spoof episode The Curse of Fatal Death. The spoof described the Tersurons as the most gentle, yet most shunned race in the universe, due to the fact that they communicated through carefully controlled "gastric emissions". They became extinct when they discovered fire.