sweet sandpaper

January 25, 2008
I decided to test my justification for sticking with iced coffee even in cold winter, namely, I really dislike burning my tongue.

It's a cold day. So I had Dunkin Donuts' Hot Chocolate, this new promotional thing with Milky Way or something.

And now have a burnt tongue.

Factoid of the Moment
It has been calculated that a baseball thrown at a hundred miles per hour will pick up 0.000000000002 grams of mass on its way to home plate.
Bill Bryson on Relativistic effects in every day life.

Logos of the Moment
--This web article on logo trends of 2007 reminded me of this stuff, left, that I've seen at Nokia. But it doesn't seem to be a single logo, more of a theme, usable on sweatshirts and in animated form.