January 28, 2008
If there is a failure on the part of this blog (well, I'm sure there are many) it's how often I talk about the weather. Same for the introductions on the Blender of Love.

Anyway. Up in Rockport last night. The howling wind was really something, like we had all the makings of a serious storm except the precipitation. It kind of haunted me and my dreams more severely than I would have guessed.

Factoid of the Moment
One atom is to the width of a millimeter line as the thickness of a sheet of paper is to the height of the Empire State Building.
Bill Bryson, "A Short History of Nearly Everything".
The funny thing is that almost makes it seem big compared to the previous visualization he offered. Perhaps I overestimate the thickness of a sheet of paper.

Image of the Moment
--via boingboing, a long exposure shot of sex, Apres by Flickr user Aqui-Ali...