that gamey taste

Not too sound too much like I'm boasting, but sweet jimminy crickets do I need to get on the ball for this trip to Japan. Nothing is really looming about it; but wanting to get my apartment a bit tidied and then just the normal "do I have everything? what kind of suitcase should I use?" etc etc.

Speaking of what kind of suitcase should I use... what kind of suitcase should I use? My first plan was trying to get by with a small suitcase (on the high side of domestic carry-on-able) and then my courier bag. I have a medium suitcase I can use instead, and now I'm wondering if I should buy a more touristy/hiker backpack, or if that would just clash with the Japanese street style, which I know I'm already going to be at the low, low end of.

I do want to pack lightly, and have a certain small amount of giftage to bring there and back...

Link of the Moment
NEStography -- kind of like a geekier, less harsh a softer world. Melancholy and painfully self-aware in parts. With Nintendo games, so obviously it's perfect for me.

Game of the Moment
--Dessgeega et al. graced us with a perfect and appropriate "Leap Day" gift -- an original oldschool game Mighty Jill Off. It's a mildly-kink-themed tribute to "Mighty Bomb Jack", an old NES classic. A very playable and satisfying short story of a game.