the moth and mrs murphy

March 12, 2008
In 24 hours I'll be on a plane to Japan!

Quote of the Moment
He had two choices. He could pretend that everything that had happened since the day of Lynch's murder had been a bad dream, forget it all, and set about rebuilding his life and his career like a sane, rational person. Or he could take a hand once again, play it out to its conclusion.

It was no choice at all, really. He felt like a moth that had just sighted the Great Chicago Fire.

George R R Martin, "The Armageddon Rag"

Passing of the Moment
D+D Inventor Gary Gygax died recently. Of all the geekish tributes I've seen tho him, only Slate points out that Dungeons and Dragons is a morally and creatively flawed travesty of a gaming system, that it really encouraged an idiotic "hack and slash" style that helped cement a kind of geek ghetto.