spring sprang sprung

It felt like Spring was suddenly upon us yesterday!

Suddenly, the Boston Common was full of people!

Alright, not the best photo for showing the extent of it. Also, trees are still skeletal.

Plus sunrise seems so late now! I love it. Bummer that the weekend is going to be all wet.

Still, it seems like there's a good half of the year, and a bad half of the year. Is the contrast good for my soul? Or should I just go to where it's closer to being good all year round?

Monolog of the Moment
To quote a wise person, "Kindness is my true religion." But when I look back on my past I know my compulsion to help others is more than that... You know, it's fascinating how our experiences shape who we are in so many ways! Something happened in my past! Something I've never forgotten! I have a story to tell you! It's really not out of the ordinary to look back sometimes! We're all in the same boat, really! I'm not alone when I say that something happened in my childhood that shaped who I am today! I usually don't speak about my past, because I like to live in the present! But you asked where I get my compulsion to help others, so I'll tell you a story! You know, I wasn't always as you see me today! Remember, things are not always what they seem!
I'm not sure if it says more about Mary Worth the comic or about serialized comics in general, that have two or three panels to both advance the story and remind people where the story is at. The existence of the Mary Worth and Me blog points out that this strip is particularly odd.