on the cuss bus

Last night I mentioned that there was a time I didn't cuss, and EBSO went REALLY? and I thought that that was a little sad. (I'm sure it bums out my mom as well. The one time I heard her drop the S-bomb (I think we had somehow locked ourselves out) it was a major jaw-dropper.)

With my Sunday School upbringing I really didn't swear until seventh or eight grade. And I remember going back to upstate NY from Cleveland, and Dylan saying that my new found swearing didn't sound right or was a bit forced, as if I hadn't quite developed the knack.

In theory I like the idea of holding off on swearing 'til I really need it, but then I would want to make exceptions for a bunch of humor that relies on it. (It's kind of like how every once in a while I get the idea it would be cool if I became something more like a "Silent Bob" type, where when I finally do say something it has great import, but that's so not my real style .)

There's an idea that swearing is a different "kind" of language, that it involves a different part of the brain than regular speech. It kind of amazes how, if that's true, there's something about swearing that transcends particularities of culture and language. Does a Ned Flanders saying "dang it!" instead of something worse mean his brain is structured differently? Like is it the same phenomenon with a different vocabulary, or is the raw energy of the need to exclaim more tempered in the more civilized person?

Video of the Moment
--Legends of the Superheros, (new video, posted one from I Against Comics) -- wow. Just -- so bad. So campy it goes so far down into bad it swings around to good. And then right back to bad. (The last minute with Adam West reprising his Bat Man role is not too bad.) PLUS -- now we know where that Six Flags guy came from!