quote of the moment

Pressed, I would define spirituality as the shadow of light humanity casts as it moves through the darkness of everything that can be explained. I think of Buddha's smile and Einstein's halo of hair. I think of birthday parties. I think of common politeness, and the breathtaking attempt to imagine what someone else is feeling. I think of spirit lamps.
John Updike

Was at an upscale-ish restaurant last night; funny how even the swankiest menu has to have that "consuming raw or undercooked" footnote...
"you know if there's some one you'd want to keep away from an actual magic wand...'I suppose you wonder why I have antlers'-wait wait on GWB
now with twitter more than ever I wish iPhone SMS had a damn character count! f'in iChat clone minimalism.
main regret on being a doodler more than a proper cartoonist: can't really draw a woman I find sexy. I'm no r crumb!
(err not that i'm into r crumb's vision of amazon femininity all the time, but at least he knows what he likes! and can draw it.)
took me a second to trace my feeling mildly bummed to realizing the haggard main character of gta4 is 4 years younger than me.