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May 13, 2008
I hadn't gotten into iTunes store, in part because it seemed like DRM'd hell. But Amazon sells individual MP3 tracks for $.99! That's terrific when they have the album you want. You can listen to a (generally well-selected) snippet, and that is enough like my process of deciding what music actually gets onto my iPhone that I don't feel compelled to buy entire albums.

I've never been a believer in the "album" as the basic unit of music. At best it's a large and potentially unstable molecule. A song is an atom, and it has quantum subparts of melodies, harmonies, lyrics, hooks, and rhythm. (And I usually only care about those last three.)

I'm sure I've spent at least $5K on CDs over the years, and the number of tracks that just seem like filler is astounding. I try not to be completely "hit singles" centric, there are a number of "B sides" I love, but I'm just done with listening to whole albums.

Video of the Moment

--Yogurt: Food of Women! I love this; it's funny and goofy and snarky but still a bit understated.

Quote of the Moment
Friendship lives on its income, love devours its capital.
Arsène Houssaye.
I'm not sure I grasp the full implication; is it condemning love as unsustainable?
I secretly think everyone is incompetent and needs to be protected, except for me. I KNOW I'm incompetent
Roy Blount Jr writing about the h-before-w sound in 'what' YEARS before Chappele's "Lil John" "HUHWHUT? OKAY"
peeve: other books that put the authors name atop each page in lieu of chapter titles
dick donovan's 117 mile homerun; landed on a freight train to Chatanooga
old SEO: repeating keywords. how quaint! did google provoke comment spam?
at the corner of boylston and charles, heed the "don't walk" timer... cars are a-comin'!
so difficult to get an objective view of life; why should my mood be whatever the last two hours were? maybe Buddhist detachment is key.
pizza from Viga comes on a plate in foil, shut in a flat brown paper bag w/ a little sticker. "That looks good!" says a coworker-he's right!
where and how can i get a therapist who speaks zen detachment, existential courage, humanist possibility, daoist sense of flow?
cmgaglione damn i was thinking "somewhere in cambridge"
i'd be willing to bet twenty bucks that "" has an a surprising uptick of frontpage hints since october 2006
cmgaglione I don't see why; I've made the typo for twitter about 5 times.