oh, hannah

May 29, 2008
So this morning I heard that there was a terrible crash on the green line. Here is a kind of useless animation about it, but then I guess since the investigation is slated to take like a year, they can only give that kind of rough summary... BTW, how does an investigation take a year? I can't see why the forensic investigation and questioning should take more than, like, a month.

I guess I shouldn't cast dispersions aspersions (thanks Mom... interesting error to make, "dis-" would seem to be a good prefix for the term) upon the dead until we know what happened, but the only fatality was the driver of the train that (I would think) is most suspect for being at fault, in that it rear-ended the other one. Even with signal failure, shouldn't a driver be able to deal with situations like this? "Gee, that train in front of me is barely moving, maybe I should slow down or stop or something...")

Convenience Store Item of the Moment
Hannah Montana-branded Birth Control Pills at the local 7-11?

(That was my first thought. Then I realized it looked more like pitch pipes. "Cookie CDs"? I would have loved to been at the design meeting for that one. "Well, Hannah Montanna makes CDs... and cookies are round... are you thinking what I'm thinking?" "Brilliant!")

that dark-chocolate-covered -cinnamon and -peppermint altoids prevail over -ginger is a damn shame
apple's big boston store has a giant billboard showing someone using iphone's notepad for a to-do list. palm had a to-do application. bleh.
ok, boingboing, i get it. cory doctrow has a new book called 'little brother'. maybe it's a "wonderful thing" BUT SHUT UP ABOUT IT ALREADY!