be careful what you notice

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June 7, 2008
You know, now that I'm doing twitter updates, doesn't have quite as much as the importance/urgency as it once did.

It's still pretty important to me, but the daily ritual aspect doesn't loom as large.

That said, being a creature of habit (lest I make my old self look misguided... this kind of outlook sometimes makes growth and personal change difficult) I'll be keeping up my daily humanist practice here for the foreseeable future. There's a small chance I'll make it a decade and then knock it off, but only a small one.

Quote of the Moment
For more than ten years now, I've been tangled up with the problem of plastic bags stuck in trees. If I've learned anything from the experience, it's "Be careful what you notice." I was living in Brooklyn; I noticed the many plastic bags flapping by their handles from the high branches of trees, cheerful and confident and out of reach. Noticing led to pondering, pondering led to an invention: the bag snagger, a prong-and-hook device that, when attached to a long pole, removes bags and other debris from trees with satisfying efficiency. My friend Tim McClelland made the first working model in his jewelry studio on Broome Street, downtown. Possessing the tool, we of course had to use it; we immediately set off on a sort of harvest festival of bag snagging.
I saw this passage quoted in Charles Tilly's "Why?", a thing I read for my Science and Spirituality group; it's a longwinded categorical division of "reasons" in society: conventions (casual, prescriptive, general), codes (formal, prescriptive, general), stories (casual, descriptive, specific), and technical accounts (formal, descriptive, specific)... And that there is a new category of "super stories" that is essentially a technical account given in layman's terms and that's what we should all strive for. Or... something.

Link of the Moment
Sensible Units converts things. For example, I am 1.3 Alaskan moose antler spans tall and weight 12 or 13 men's shotputs.
I guess it's a mistake to be constantly assuming that Twitter stability must be "right around the corner"
dow down 400! jimminy frickin' crickets!
kirkjerk seems to be my main online identity at least for gaming sites. Should I even cling to "alien bill productions" for games I make?
1 877 kars 4 kids... long on catchy jingles, short on what they actually do with said kars.
nothing brings this gas thing home like driving an 18 mpg van to rockport with 3.99 gas way up, 4.09 down...
big brown is the 07-08 patriots of horses!