yeah, that is a GREAT use of researcher dollars, much better than, i dunno, curing cancer

June 9, 2008
I think my inner mammal digs the heat more than it digs the cold.

It still wants the option of air conditioned splendor or warm and cozy heat as conditions dictate, but given the choice, heat is preferable.

I wonder if there's any small chance if it's because I lived on St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands for a year when I was three.

Video of the Moment

--First I've heard of it, but Will It Blend? is a long ongoing series of awesome.

Neuroscience of the Moment
To her surprise, though, the magnetic resonance scans revealed that the part of the brain lost among those who failed to perceive sarcasm was not in the left hemisphere of the brain, which specializes in language and social interactions, but in a part of the right hemisphere previously identified as important only to detecting contextual background changes in visual tests.

"The right parahippocampal gyrus must be involved in detecting more than just visual context -- it perceives social context as well," Dr. Rankin said.
It's tough to express just how cool it is that we have a part of the brain that's generically "context", whether visual or social.
"Abraham Lincoln said all men are created equal. I guess old Abe never saw Bo Diddley in the Shower" RIP, man.
This morning at the T stop is the first time in a while I recall looking for a nice shady spot. (behind a local map billboard) is a kind of awesome used DVD, games, electronics store at downtown crossing.
i swear my development server has gremlins in it. no other explanation fits.