pahking cahs

June 27, 2008
Sweet jimminy crickets almost forgot to do kisrael today.

I was going to write about how weirdly awesome it felt to FINALLY have a Boston parking permit... 12 years of trying to scrounge one of the Visitor spots or a local after hours meter behind me... amazing! My car AND a subway stop less than 100 yards away from where I'm sleeping... astounding!

Then my Uncle pointed out last night that there was no parking on the street at all today or Monday, some construction thing, and good thing he mentioned it or else it would just go from the status quo of taking the dew off the rose to being a major source of ranting and raving on my part, as my car was towed away.

Quote of the Moment
a lonely tear running through his artfully kept stubble like a pachinko ball of pure shame and degradation.

Game of the Moment
Pointer... there's something weirdly compelling in this little maze game about how there's no avatar, just the point of the mouse itself, to maneuver through the little maze/obstacle course.

Kind of scary how often the sound of sirens follow big thunderstorms...