let's go team angry manatee

I was delighted to get my team at work to slightly subvert the "name miniproject after fearsome animal" paradigm by calling itself "Team Angry Manatee". I had to swivel around the projector to the whiteboard, and dry erase marker in a cannon, machine guns, a bomb and a helmet over the projected Google images photo of one, but it was worth it.

Joke of the Moment
What's green and smells like yellow paint?
Green Paint.
from Sickipedia, wouldn't recommend going there unless you're really into the mood for offensive jokes by brits.

Slate Articles of the Moment
For some reason lately I've been stockpiling some interesting Slate articles, never quite getting around to posting them.

Ron Rosenbaum on catchphrases. Some phrases that he finds annoying I find cool and useful and vice versa. I wonder how old he thinks "my bad" is? I remember my girlfriend making jokes about it in 1990 (mishearing it as "my bag" and then translating into french as "mon sac")

William Saletan on hypocricy on human values... interesting meditation on the division between public / semi-private / private, how the first category often has more to do with how we'd like the world to be than we are ourselves. (Which is a positive spin of good old hypocrisy.)

Finally... Paul Collins on whence the semicolon? I must confess my understanding of when to use colons and semicolons is pretty shallow and academic, if that. (But like Paul Robinson says... "The period and the comma are the only lovely marks of punctuation.")

Man, the Run DMC "King of Rock" cameo in Guitar Hero Aerosmith with ONLY Run (or is it DMC?) is kind of depressing
Hmm. 34 years old and I'll still veer off my path to steer towards a pigeon for a bit...