new camera time!

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July 5, 2008
After dropping my camera at the Celtics parade I bought another Canon much like it -- PowerShot SD850 IS. This has not made me a better photographer.

New camera is bulkier but zoomier. Harvard Square birdie.

EBSO (Wife of EB) wields tongs and fork.

MEB (Mama of EB), also in the backyard for the 4th cookout.

Mac the Dog

The whole EBclan has been enjoying fresh peas-in-the-pod as of late...

Rockport 4th Parade, just fooling around with "Color Accent". There was much red!

I learned about the tradition of "Horribles" parades and the musical groups therein. (Come to think of it, I was totally in that tradition and didn't realize it in '95 or so at the Bunker Hill Monument Halloween Parade.)

The Rockport Parade also had a Precision Lawnchair Drill Team, doing spinning formations in the parade and generally having a grand time. What they lacked in precision they made up for in lawnchairs!