photo time!

July 25, 2008
Man this site has had a lot of talking as of late. Lets get some pictures!

Flies are dirty, dirty, dirty!

I am delighted every time I see one of the burly workman deconstructing the hallway in my office using a "Henry" vacuum cleaner:

Road photos! Was crazy about the inter-storm light last night...

Finally, one shot not taken by me, but I love it: EBBaby on a fender of the trailer they're using as they move this weekend.

Incidentally I've changed the layout of to allow for slightly larger photos to be posted. Good? Or does the readability of paragraphs suffer too much?

Dig neuroscience books-fun to think about thinking, and if my brainwork is on the unusual side, or if my mental life is par for the course
katwinx "bring out the gimp! ... so we can show him this property's lovely, lovely floor coverings."
consciousness is like eyesight. peripheral vision is supper-blurry but we don't notice 'cause everywhere we look is in focus.