a great big dancing batch of nihilistic delight

September 4, 2008

I'm almost ashamed to admit how much I like this song and video. (Admittedly the song is better in the early measures with that great straight-ahead beat, before it gets all Euro-Popy, but still.) Given the Emo Lyrics it might seem to be wildly inappropriate, but I find it a great big dancing batch of nihilistic delight. (Turns out I had previously posted an animated GIF of a scene from it.)

It's interesting to compare this to the use of the Gary Jules cover in an ad for the shooter game Gears of War...

Giuliani led Republican chant: "DRILL BABY DRILL! DRILL BABY DRILL!"
Palin reminds me a bit of that Roseanne storyline where she wins the lottery.
As dumb as the metric vs english units is, decimal point is a dot in US and a comma in Europe is probably worse for internationalization.
DtI (dumbness that irritates) the Prudential T-stop's main E-line outbound stairway label says only "to Heath St", skips saying "Outbound"
DtI: Amazon's "Hello. Sign in to get personalized recommendations" the last two words are clickable. Verbs > Nouns for links!
Republicans think every "war" can end up as neatly as WW2: "in Iraq", "against Terror" "on Drugs". They are wrong and they are a danger.
I was thinking it was odd to have so many seafood restaurants near work, but then I remembered, this is Boston-Boston, duh.
I don't judge 'cause I give benefit of the doubt, don't want to be responsible for fixing. I do get angry at minor things that Shouldn't Be
Unlike "The Tao of Pooh", "The Te of Piglet" is a preachy, pedantic, and even apocalyptic work.
Sunday I was introduced to this young impossibly willowy Chinese w/ an Oxford physics PhD. Her family name, Eu(?), was old family--eugenics?