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Yarr, almost missed talk-like-a-pirate day but can't actually muster up the energy to do anything about it.

A "repository for banks' bad debt" sounds a little sketchy, though the markets seem to love it. Over other 30 days this past year have had swings of over 250 points, so while these 400-500 point things are bigger, and you wonder about the medium term trend, it's funny that it's getting all this attention. (Heh, in researching that last statement I realized finance.yahoo.com has lots of free historical pricing data. Maybe I should research some of my wacky correlation ideas -- though going from simulated "paper trading" to the real thing is a step I'd be very cautious about.)

Finally, the other day I twittered about supporting both the Houston Food Bank (boingboing linked to an appeal for them specifically) and Salvation Army Emergency Relief. My mom (who currently works at the National Headquarters of The Salvation Army mentioned:
Major George Hood, who is the National Community Relations Section here told us that there simply has not been the public response to Ike that we saw, say, to Katrina, but the costs are enormous.
So even if you're worried about your 401K, but with the wolf is still far from your door, you might consider a donation.

Oh, actually, in other Texas news, Bob Barr thinks Republicans and Democrats should not be on the Texas ballot for president because they missed the filing deadline -- they hadn't had their conventions at that point. I think he has a strong point about rule of law and the de facto enshrinement of Two Parties Now and Forever Amen.

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--Ninja Kitty is like the world's best player of Red Light / Green Light. (2019 update: aka Kitty Gets Sneakily Close to Owner)

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Boys will be boys, and so will a lot of middle-aged men.
Kin Hubbard. Preach it!

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He knows he's written many of the chapters of his life. Had some good romances, not in a bad place. But: no rewriting. This scares him.
He doesn't mind "spoilers". His passion is not for what they did but how they did it. In this life, he'd rather know; he'd rather know.