rainy friday

September 26, 2008
Sometimes I think that the main thing I miss by getting my news online is access to really good weather reports. There really isn't a report in any of the websites on my regular schedule, if I go to weather.boston.com I usually can't be bothered to actually watch the video, and sometimes I forget to listen to the right bits of public radio. So this pseudo-tropical storm was almost a complete surprise to me when I heard about some flood warnings last night.

Links of the Moment
A parade of reviews for iPhone apps along with a Top 10 "Top 10 iPhone flaws metalist. And the Computer Error Message Hall of Fame.

Quote of the Moment
"You must realize that the computer has it in for you. The irrefutable proof of this is that the computer always does what you tell it to do."
--Silicon Wisdom

"This is my skeleton / This is the skin its in / That is, according to light / And gravity"
"The Postman Always Rings Twice" -- nice, taut read, but... no postmen! Wonder if I should even bother with "The Iceman Cometh".
"lost a game I didn't even know I was playing... not the first time in my life for that"-- on being "tricked" into first beer for beer:30