it's the great pumpkin ale charlie brown

Yay Red Sox! Wonder if they have LAA's postseason number as deeply as it looks?

Passage of the Moment
I like "Howl" a lot. Who wouldn't? It just doesn't have much to do with me or what happened to my friends. For one thing, I believe that the best minds of my generation were probably musicians and physicists and mathematicians and biologists and archaeologists and chess masters and so on, and Ginsberg's closest friends, if I'm not mistaken, were undergraduates in the English department of Columbia University.

No offense intended, but it would never occur to me to look for the best minds in any generation in an undergraduate English department anywhere.

Image of the Moment
--Cookie Monster slayer, via boingboing and laughing squid.

<<had it been another day / i might have looked the other way / and I'd have never been aware / but as it is I'll dream of her>>
Lionessque So when a turtle has that kind of problem, is it colloquially "the runs" or just like "the walks"?
Unabashed geekery: learning of "Levenshtein distance", a measure of how different two sets of characters are. And the Perl module for it.