got plenty?

Watched the Sox win last night. Tropicana field looks like such a grungy little place...

Video of the Moment

Tilt-shift time lapse by Keith Loutit, via boingboing. I wish I had a better intuition for what makes Tilt-shift miniature faking so convincing, if I just read a description of it I would never suspect it of being so evocative of tiny models as it is. (2019 UPDATE: might be different video.)

Quote of the Moment
For perfect happiness, remember two things: (1) Be content with what you've got. (2) Be sure you've got plenty.

I propose that the Klondike "choco-taco" is the finest ice cream novelty known to all 7-11kind.
Tropicana Field looks like such a toy.
<<a change would do you good / chasing dragons with plastic swords>>
I am alarmed and irritated at the # of "Kirk Israel"s (1 vice-versa) on facebook. Thank goodness I have as much google juice as I do.
Panflute guy at Topsfield Fair playing a cover of Abba's "Dancing Queen"... whatever happened to the Andean Pipers at Harvard Square?