you down wit' entropy?

November 7, 2008
So like I twittered last night, I went on a small Amazon MP3 binge last night. I bought two covers of "Forever Young" (by Interactive and Ella), two covers of "Total Eclipse of the Heart" (Europop by Jan Wayne + Lena, and a softer live version by Tori Amos), some nerdcore (2 by MC Hawking and one by mc chris, but really I bought that to morally justify ripping "Fett's Vette" from youtube.)

The big find for me was the cover of "Money" by "Flying Lizards" - the super harsh one with the disinterested-and-germanic-sounding woman speaking her lines. I could have sworn I tried to hunt it down before but came up empty, but now I found it on both youtube and Amazon.

All that eclectic stuff for about $9, less than the cost of most new CDs. It is such a great way of buying music; I don't want to steal songs, I think musicians (and, yeah, even the companies that helped bring them to prominence) deserve renumeration -- but having lived through the glory days of Napster, and now finding a surprising number of songs on youtube, I am fussy about not having to pay for 10 songs on a disc when I'll like maybe 2 or 3. Plus, a while back I brought in a lot of change to one of those coinstar machines, and took out the money as an Amazon gift certificate which I've been gradually draining, so I can coast and really use Amazon's 1 click purchase stuff without sweating payment.

Video of the Moment

--One of those MC Hawking songs I mentioned -- maybe you have to dig the old OPP, but this is really funny. And the video is terrific in a America's Funniest kind of way.

Political Comment of the Moment
"What was missing was a regulator who understood markets, rather than worshiped them."
--Norris on Greenspan

Damn but I love Amazon MP3. 99 cent, DRM-free tracks are exactly what I want; I don't want to steal, I don't want to pay for B-side filler
(But it's useful to know how to rip songs outta youtube... for a while I thought I had to do that for the Flying Lizard's cover of "Money")
Crap, I just noticed Google doesn't seem to be indexing my whole site anymore, despite the nice static URLs I made for its archive.