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December 1, 2008
Really odd dream, I was in some kind of Arcade game or Pinball competition, 3 rounds. I don't remember much about the first round except squeaking out a win... for round two my opponent was Warner Bros. animator Tex Avery, except he was a youngish Indian guy with braces. (In retrospect, this might be because of an Indian guy I knew in college with the sarcastic nickname "Tex") We were taking turns getting prizes out of some clunky old prize machine (Hmm, EBB's was looking at a educational toys catalog, one of the things was a home version of those old claw machines - this machine lacked the claw but did have the same little balls as EBB's Fischer Price Roll-a-Rounds.) It was pretty random, some of the balls were winner and some weren't, and it was luck of the draw, which I lost.

Video of the Moment

--Randomly following Youtube related links I found this bit of Commercial Bollywood Advertising. I just love the vibrant goofiness. (2019 UPDATE: not sure what 371jYBD3wGE was, but it may have been a Pepsi ad here)

Kirk's Observation of Corporate Office Upgrades: By the time the company actually gets to move in, the economy will have tanked.
Well-kempt genius that I am I managed to cut my forehead with a thumbnail while sleeping. Looks like I started a homebrew Harry Potter scar.
Unhappy with how I skip over my "overdue" ToDo list and get to "Today" which tends to be more real + pressing LOL IM DOIN IT WRONG
Hey Wall Street -- there's a recession! SURPRISE!
Thinking about what folks told me when I was Y2K fretting. Who said "whatever happens we're all in this together"? Rejected it then-but now-