kirk the greatest baron in all picardy

December 6, 2008
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The royal nicknames come from the Wikipedia List of nicknames of European royalty and nobility that gave me the idea for the project earlier this year. I wrote some scripts to strip out the names and take a guess at the "good" ones (ones that start "the" or "de", etc) You can see the full list of over 2000 nicknames here.

The names in that cleaned-up list are unique, but of course originally there were plenty of duplicates. Here are the 20 most popular royal nicknames:
the Great162 the Rich35
the Younger139 the Good35
the Saint119 the Wise32
the Elder76 the Blind30
the Old65 the Black29
the Young59 the Strong26
the Pious57 the Surety26
the Fat45 the Lame25
the Brave40 the Barracks Emperor25
the Red38 the Emperor of the Army25
You know, that's a few more Barracks Emperors than I thought history would actually need.

One (grudgingly admitted) advantage of winter: winter coats with big pockets, less of a need for the man bag. , Obama citizenship "fight" Schultz:"These are scientists. They should all come to the same conclusion." HaHA!
Firefox 3 cares not for your pixel art.
Annoyed by how my To Read bookshelf consists of an ever increasing percentage of the tall books that aren't as subway friendly...