boston is not very warm right now

December 8, 2008
No snow actually in Boston, but SO FRICKIN' COLD.

I so threw myself at that game last week. Sometimes I wish I could selectively apply that kind of single-minded dedication and grind-ability for other things in my life.

I suppose in videogames, there's a certain kind of spoon-feeding that goes on. They're generally pretty good at putting new challenges just at the edge of your abilities, sometimes switching that with something that's pretty actually easy, so you feel nothing but egoboost.

Just like how in school it was the teacher's responsibility to ensure a project or test was feasible, a good game designer keeps the player engaged with tweaking the difficulty and reward structure.

Life in general lacks that kind of ego safety net, and I miss it.

Link of the Moment
This Old House presents Home Inspection Nightmares. I think what scares me most are the situations I wouldn't know enough to avoid myself.

Quote of the Moment
"Not every story has explosions and car chases. That's why they have nudity and espionage."
--Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum, Unshelved, 09-14-08. Lately my backlog has been filling with more of these Quote of the Day service quotes...

Thinking about EB's idea that we sexually imprint in our early romances; is that where we get our "types" or is that mixing cause & effect?
masukomi You know, how a lot of people have their "types", that the people they date/are attracted to seem to fall in a set of categories.
I browse Drudge Report first, figuring if I can handle the current news at its most lurid and sensationalistically negative, I'll be ok
We went for an Indian lunch Buffet, they had some Bollywood going - possibly just clips - all singing and dancing and bright colors. Great!
Man it's cold. It's like Antarctica cold. Superman at the Fortress of Solitude couldn't take this kind of cold. --not Biloxi Blues, Boston