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December 14, 2008
Yesterday I stopped at a combination Long John Silver / Taco Bell, in part because I hadn't seen that combination before. (KFC seems to be the usual Taco Bell pairing.) I realized I have this secret hope of finding an American equivalent of Nordsee, this brilliant German fastfood chain, offering a big variety of fish sandwiches on interesting breads.

Alas, it was not to be. Small Long John Silvers seem to offer just fish-and-chip variants and a few salmon or shrimp based dishes. I had a rice bowl with salmon and ginger, which was passable, but still.

(Of course I tend to fetishize any restaurant I liked but can't get; "wow, Little Caesars, that crust was great, and so cheap" (that one is still true for me) "Man, Subway-- where they bake the bread! Amazing" and even "Wendy', you can get like an actual baked potato, that's terrific.")

Funny of the Moment
As I've probably posted before, Superdickery has some great suff, but the caption on this Hulk comic panel (PG13) made me laugh out loud for like a minute.

Passage of the Moment
I read Scott Adams' "Stick To Drawing Comics, Monkey Brain" a few weeks ago, but there's one anecdote that keeps coming back to mind... he's stuck in a tiny, rarely-used dressing room, and keeps surprising AV technicians who duck in to use the bathroom, not expecting anyone to be in there. This happens three times, and the final guy tried the "just here to wash my hands" ploy... Adams writes
It made me wonder what I would have done in their situation. I think I would have gone for the hand-washing fake, possibly mumbling something like "Just ate an orange." This lends the suggestion of both cleanliness and fresh citrus to an otherwise awkward situation.

Sometimes that's the best you can do.
I think of this every time I eat an orange now, pretty much.

Had the sleepy logic thought that there weren't too many times I slept in a freestanding, owned home; apparently I forgot owning a house
Sometimes it's tough to admit that a quiet home office is better for focus, that TV/Radio would serve as a distraction seems like a failure